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"I wanted my children to be reading before they started school. With this one simple "to-the-point" book they started kindergarten with a 2nd grade reading level.

... A.P.(Mom of a 4th grader)
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TOTAL PHONICS READING... and BEYOND...  (For ages 3 to 93)  

Parents/Grandparents/Teachers can show family or students of any age how to master total reading... in the most effective, fastest and easiest way. TOTAL reading can be broken down into 7 simple beginning-to-advanced true "phonic" rules to Learn how to fluently read (and spell) the 750,000+ possible words in the English language.  Read from 1 syllable words to the longest multi-syllable words. 

*TOTAL PHONICS READING... and BEYOND: One simple and unique gradeless book for any age is all that is needed to show how to master the beginning-to-advanced basics of total reading... faster, easier and better than the slow educational methods of big government and big business that are controlling curriculum in schools today (Common Core). It is the common-sense solution to correct the ineffective "Common Core" curriculum in the schools. It is the needed "Big Book of Basics".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
* Become WOW Wizards of Words who SOAR (Sound-Out-All-Reading of the possible 750,000+ words in the English language) like pros... with the 7 simple phonic facts of reading that fit that together like a puzzle to see and understand the "Big Picture" of reading... learning at your own pace and scedule.  The 7 real phonic facts of reading to logically think, analyze and reason behind HOW and WHY words and reading work.       

* All Abilities, All Grades and All Ages can become excellent readers with clear, direct-to-the-point easy explanations with relevant activities in each step... Should be in every home or school to create phenomenal students. These are the few true important phonic facts everyone needs to read well... no matter the age or ability  Use as the only method for the basics (or to enhance any method you are already using).

* The easy explanation of the right information is the solid foundation for a great education.  Proven to learn the most in the least time, least effort and least expense with excellent results. Students score in top percentiles... (EXAMPLES: After the 7 steps are learned, 1st grade students read at 4th grade levels. 4th grade students read @ high school levels and beyond. ADHD and struggling students continue to improve to reach advanced reading levels, etc. Struggling readers of any age "catch up" after they learn the 7 rules).

* Golden Master Key to ALL Reading = Learning 7 Key Phonic Facts = Advanced Readers... Guaranteed !                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Ages 3-8... Get Ahead Reading Method ... Master the beginning-to-advanced
basics of reading in 7 clear quick steps (plus the bonus total spelling, writng and math basics of pre-k through grade 4 total phonic reading to " get ahead" to be excellent/gifted students.  By grade 3 be totally literate @ high school level and by grade 4 be above high school level in reading... scoring in the top percentiles.

Ages 8-93... Quickly Catch-Up Reading Method.... (Sad to say that there are more and more remedial reading and math classes in high school and colleges, due to involvement of the of "Big Business" publishing of books today for the most profit of selling the most books and not the best methods or best interest of students. (Struggling students of any age need the basics).  Any older students over age 8 to adult, who are struggling readers, can very quickly  "catch up" with the 7 easy  beginning-to-advanced lessons to be master total phonic readers, quickly reaching adult level reading after the important principles of reading/spelling... and go beyond to master writing and math in Part II of this simple-to-understand book. 

TOTAL PHONICS READING and Beyond... MADE FAST, EASY... and to-the point...* The complete beginning-to-advanced basics building course of reading (+ the BONUS spelling, writng and math "Big Basics" that everyone needs to know for ages pre-K through grade 4... and through adult:

    Part I of book:   Best  beginning-to-advanced reading method on the internet

   Part II of book:  (FREE BONUS) Beginning-to-advanced basics of spelling, writing and math because the basics work together.

Reading affects all other subjects... is even needed in math for word problems. Be in control of what is needed to know to make certain that the basics of reading, spelling, writing and math are mastered. Anyone having trouble with any subject, no matter the age or ability, needs to go back to the beginning of that subject to quickly review and then learn what is new... and proceed to the advanced. (If stranded on an island, one could become profifcient in reading, spelling, writing and math with this one simple book. Learn to read expertly and then go beyond to advanced learning of reading to learn).

 COST:  $59.95USD + $10 US S/H or $35 Int’l Shipping is a "common-sense treasure of information". Only 1 book is needed per family/class. 

To order: Please click on "Buy Online" at top of  page.  For $59.95 plus $10 USA shipping/$25 international shipping.  You can use Paypal to order; or, if you are not a member of Paypal, you can be a guest of Paypal by clicking on "guest" and using any credit card from anywhere!  Feel free to email with any quesitons or comments (Include age and situation of your child/students).